Saturday, November 10, 2007

Les Miserables Updates

I was busy customizing this blog when I got a visit from Dennis, an old-time buddy from Les Miserables. He was on his way to Tagaytay with a group of friends so he decided to drop by at the station. Basically we updated ourselves on what has been goin' on with our lives, and that of our fellow Les Mis peeps. Then I just learned from him that Anezka ("Eponine") and Vincent ("Marius") are presently training under Ryan Cayabyab. Apparently, the maestro is once again forming another singing group ala-Smokey Mountain, and our dear old friends will be part of it. Astig! Great to hear that they are still pursuing their passion for singing. Kainggit! Hehehe! =)

And what's Red doin' in Wowowee?! Nyahaha! = D

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