Saturday, November 10, 2007

Two Visits

This day is not yet over! Haha I got a visit again today, this time by Kiel who used to be my co-Conservation Officer at Philamlife. Woo hoo! These visits from friends and former colleagues prevent me from losing my sanity here at the station. Thanks guys! God is really good!

Same stories I've been receiving. People come and go. Turnover rate at Philam is gettin' higher and higher. Can't believe it! Onlee? Jojo? Philipp? Allan Cruz? All gone? I really can't believe it! What is happenin' in the industry?!?!?!

I'll visit the guys soon. The guys whom I have learned to love. I'm missin' Philamlife again.

(Readin' again this post makes me feel that I'm like a prisoner all locked up desperately longing for visits from family and friends. But come to think of it, I really AM a prisoner.)

(Darn I badly need to change my outlook at this job...)

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