Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wedding of the Century?

I never really liked attending weddings. Until last Sunday. It was the wedding of a very dear friend of mine, Cathy. It's simple yet unique and memorable. The wedding to beat all weddings!

The presence of "saber escorts" performing these astounding sword presentations really brought the house down. Just imagine the bride, while walkin' down the aisle, being accompanied by these cadets with swords at the side. Panalo talaga!

And the bride and groom dancing the Ifugao dance? Astig!

After the wedding, I started wanting to get married also. ASAP! Hehehe. That's how it has made an impact on me. Hmmm... just have to decide with whom.


  1. Hi, nice blog..
    I know one of the ladies in this cuz Thess.

  2. @Anonymous: Ah really? Tess is a good friend of mine. = D