Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I didn’t report for work two days in a row now. First, my mom’s sick. Second, I missed home. It’s been awhile since I stayed here long. Third, I really didn’t wanna go to work. Anyways, I know I’d be outta there soon.

I missed my room. My bed. My TV. My books. All my clutter. Then this afternoon, I saw my cowboy hat on top of my book shelves. Nyahaha! Brokeback! It brought back some memories. I started to miss my old job. My previous boss. My colleagues. My beloved agents.

I bought the Brokeback hat for a Christmas party at Philamlife before. I didn’t know why they’d decided to have a “Cowboys and Indians” theme, but probably because of all that gay cowboys hype.

Rest in peace, Heath! Thanks to your death, that Batman movie of yours will surely become a big hit.


  1. @ferbert: Neither. Anne Hathaway & her pinkish nips. Nyahaha! = D

  2. @coldman: Pana nino? Ni Kupido? Nyehehe! = D