Friday, February 1, 2008

Separated at Birth?

A good friend of mine, Kristian, texted me the other day telling me about this new Axe Lynx commercial, and how he was reminded of me by that lucky, sole bastard in the video being chased by gazillions of women in bikinis. I mentioned this to another friend, who just saw the commercial last night, and started laughin' his ass off. "Kamukha mo nga!", he said. Then out of nowhere, a long lost friend made a comment on Friendster telling me the same thing.

Should I be proud of this, or what?!?!?! 'Di hamak na mas gwapo naman ata ako dun! Nyehehe! = D

(I've been tryin' to upload that particular Axe video at this site , but couldn't. I'm using dial-up, and it's just too slooowww. Also, I couldn't save the still shot of that guy in the video so that I could at least compare it with my own pic. The "Print Screen" button was just not workin'! Am I that illiterate? Anyone wants to help?)


  1. Ok. So you kinda look like him in an angle. :) hihi. kakatuwa.

  2. mag guwapo ka dun pare, pwamish! =D