Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I have a confession to make.

I'm a drug addict.

After my exit interview this morning, I immediately rushed to my 'haven of stash'. My current supply might last only for about a week or two so I'd needed to get more. And more! AND MORE! Aaarrrggghhh!!!

I tell you, Cash 'N Carry in Makati is definitely the place to be for the so-called drug addicts. I used to purchase my supplies from some acquaintances, then I just learned that they just get theirs from C&C (WTF?!). Inside the establishment are around four to six stores selling imported goods, mostly vitamins, dietary supplements, perfumes, etc. at very affordable prices! As in sobrang mura!!! (Ang mga walanghiya, malaki na pala ang kinikita sa'ken!)

When I got there, I felt I was in Cloud 9! Nakaka-high, mga Pards! Just the sight of all the drugs already aroused my well-being. (Hmmm...) Better than Centrum, they're really complete from A to Zinc. = P

So I started inquiring some of the product prices, and here's the list of what I've purchased:

(1) ON Gold Standard Whey Protein 2 lbs. (Delicious Strawberry Flavor): Yup, I'm plannin' to go back to the gym, and I badly need this! My 5lbs. Designer Whey Protein was put into waste as it already reached its expiration, without me consuming even half of the jar. (Darn!);

(2) Nature's Blend Pure Calcium Carbonate 600 mg. (100 tablets): I just found out that I have low calcium level, based on my blood test results the other week. This actually surprised me as I've been drinkin' soya milk, but not that often. Hmmm so i thought maybe I just need more;

(3) Nature's Blend Fish Oil Omega-3 1000 mg. (90 soft gels): Based on my research (Naks!), this is actually good in regulating cholesterol in the body and it also helps in the prevention of high blood pressure and coronary heart disease. It's also a good workout supplement, according to Men's Health Magazine;

(4) Nature Made Natural Vitamin E 400 I.U. (225 soft gels): I've been taking Kirklands Vitamin E, and I just found out that this particular brand, which I got cheap (400 soft gels at 800 bucks), is actually dl-Alpha Tocopherol (which means fully synthetic). d-Alpha Tocopherol (from natural sources) is much better, though more expensive. It's a good anti-oxidant and also prevents heart disease, among others. Also, I heard it's good for the skin;

(5) Nature's Blend Vitamin C with Rose Hips 1000 mg. (100 tablets): This is the most widely taken supplement, I guess. I mean, who's not taking ascorbic acid, anyways? It boosts our immune system and prevents us from gettin' the common, but dreaded, cold;

The other month I just bought from Cash 'N Carry the new Centrum Performance, which presently serves as my multi-vitamin. What makes it new? It is now packed with Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba! And you guyz should know what these two 'add-ons' do for the body. Yeah your guess is right... Per-for-MANCE! Nyehehe! = D

I also purchased a Green Tea Fat Burner (forgot the brand), which I don't take that much now since this should be accompanied by a proper diet and exercise, which lately I don't have time for. Hehehe! = D

I'm a certified drug addict, don't you think? = P


  1. magkano naman itong mga kagamutang ito?

  2. err.. you actually take all that?

    btw, about where I work: i'm just around the corner. yun na un. *winks*

  3. @keitaro: Bili ka sa'kin? Nyehehe! = P

    @fellow gas boy: Do I know you? Hehehe! *nervous laugh*

  4. im addicted to pain killers. LOL kidding. but i did enjoy bextra. ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  5. @greenpinoy: Isa kang addict, GP. ADDICT! Heheh! = P

  6. nope. we don't know each other. Sa makati ako. And the Retail peeps are in Manila naman di ba. See, this is the reason why hindi ako nagkocomment. hahahaha! don't be alarmed. :)

  7. oo nga dami naman yan.

    I just take Centrum from A to Zinc. =)

  8. Nice blog here.

    And I too miss going to the gym. Nakakatakot ang presyo sa lugar ng mga Hapon!

  9. @Coldman: Me Ginseng ba Centrum mo? Nyehehe! = P

    @r-yo: Thanks! Mag-gym nko after the Holy Week! = D

  10. Napahanga na ko nung una kasi kala ko talaga naamin ka na drug addict ka nga. seriously. Ayun naman pala, drug adik sa mga pampalaki ng masels and all those other meds.. hahahaha haynako.

    Napa-wow ako sa huli =))


    Napadpad ako dito bigla. Nagcomment na ren :)

  11. @janelleregina: Thanks for the visit. Bawal magkasakit! = P

  12. hi there. anu address ng cash and carry? im planning to go there kc, di ko nmn alam address.. paexplain nmn kung panu pmnta.. tnx..