Thursday, March 27, 2008

Birthday Gift

I just bought an SLR camera. A Nikon D40. A birthday gift for myself.

I mentioned in my previous post that I'd only be buying a point-and-shoot due to my very limited budget. But thanks to Kurt, a friend of mine who had been bugging and encouraging me to buy an SLR, I'd changed my mind and decided to follow. As what he'd mentioned, it's a good investment.

Now I'm very much addicted to digital photography. I've been obsessively in love with my new purchase eversince.

Thanks to my credit card. Pahirapan na naman ang pagbabayad nito! = C


  1. good thing at bumili ka ng dSLR cam, magandang investment yan! Sabi nila yung first 1000 shots mo daw ay pangit muna before ka mahasa bilang magaling na photographer!

    Basta praktis lang. =)

  2. @coldman: Sana makapag-train din ako ng photography sa New York like you. Nyehehe! = P

  3. weeeeehooooo!!! welcome to the wonderful world of photography! :) visit my online portfolio if you have time! jasontengco dot com :)

  4. @GP: Huwaw! Nagka-exhibit ka?!?!?! Idol!!! = D

  5. wow ang ganda! sing ganda ko! gusto ko rin nyan!

  6. awryt?

    newbie in here.. nag vote ako...


  7. @kris jasper: Thanks! Iba ang tama! = P

  8. weee! happy bday!
    inuman na!
    piktyuran mo naman ako gamit yan..
    pwede mo akong maging model..
    paglaruan mo muna ako.. :P

  9. I've been dying to buy one. pero tiis tiis muna. hehe.

    Most high-end point-and-shoots are in the range of some DSLR ngayon. Kaya kung bibili ka din lang ng point and shoot, might as well consider going for the DSLR.

    Andaming naka DSLR sa office. Kakainggit. Huhu.

  10. @Keitaro: Mura lang D40! = P

    @Bob: Buy one! Highly recommended! Nakaka-addict! = D

  11. AWW ever since nasira yung digicam ko, i've been wishing for a new one as a birthday gift.

    asa pa.

    anyway, for me photography's really addictive ESPECIALLY with a new camera. hahaha keep it up!

    and keep us posted with your shots.

    - utakgago