Monday, March 31, 2008

Glimpse of Light

Last weekend I saw a glimpse of light. Then I started to ask God, "Is this already the sign?"

I just found out that a distant cousin, who surprisingly decided to get me as godfather of his third child, is already a Singapore resident. I didn't know he's been workin' there for the past year. We were really that distant.

We talked about my plans. Before and after the baptismal ceremonies, of course. He offered some help.

And I'm quite delighted with the outcome of the conversation.

It's starting to get clearer now.

But the question is: With what's happening now, do I still want to go there?

Now i'm at a loss again.


  1. @kris jasper: Hmmm... maybe. Nyahaha! = P

  2. Ingat sa lamok sa Sudan. Hehehe.

    galing ng pagkacapture ng light sa photo. :) B&W photography is really dramatic. :)

  3. @Bob: It's not my shot. Just googled it. Hehehe! = P

  4. think about this long and hard (ang panget yata nun, ah??!!!)... well, you know what i mean... i was at that crossroad before. di ko alam kung aalis ako or mag-stay sa pinas... i just didn't want to live with anymore "what ifs" in life... ang dami ko na aksi nun! hehehe!

    sorry at nagnobela na ko dito... i like your blog pala... hope to get to know you more.

  5. aha. akala ko pa naman ikaw kumuha! sayang ang bagong camera, dapat mag-adik sa kakakuha ng photos

  6. oo nga, akala ko pa naman kuha mo, galing sana, praktis ka na sa bagong cam! =)

    salamat pala sa updates kay bronson! =)

  7. @goddess: Wow thanks! Visit ko din blog mo! = D

    @bob & coldman: Mag-aadik na ako sa photography! Woot woot! = P

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