Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ilocos Caravan

My Holy Week this year might not be as boring as I thought it would be after all.

I will be hitching with a group of photographers starting tomorrow for an Ilocos Photography Caravan. This is actually being organized by a friend of mine, Ron Catalan, whom I met thru Entrepreneur Magazine Philippines Forum way way back. Sounds exciting, isn't it? Woo hoo! = P

Because of this unexpected happening, I might buy myself a new digicam this afternoon! Hehehe! I should be buying a DSLR if I'd really be pursuing photography as a hobby, but due to my limited budget, i've decided to settle with a good point-and-shoot instead. Hmmm... a Canon Ixus or a Casio Exilim? Latter is definitely much cheaper, but a Canon is a Canon! Hmmm...

I've decided to go because I know I deserve this trip more than anything else. (Birthday gift to myself? Haha.) And also, I would want to prove something to myself and to those bastards.

Ron has already made an itinerary for the four-day tour. Just a glimpse of it, we will be visiting some old churches and bell tower landscapes on the first day, attending some Lenten events on the second day, PAGUDPUD on the third day (Yippee!), and a surfing ground trip and some pasalubong buying on the fourth day. We'll be going back to Manila on that same day, which is Easter Sunday. (Mukhang bitin yung Pagudpud. Magpaiwan kaya ako? Hmmm...)

This will be the start of me having an actual so-called life. There's so much more to come. I just know it.

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