Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lung Cancer

A very sad news: My aunt was just diagnosed with lung cancer.

When my mom told me about it, my joy and excitement for my upcoming Ilocos trip was suddenly changed into sadness and gloom. I went to my room after and shed some tears.

My aunt and her family are presently staying with us at our house in Quezon City. Two weeks before, she had been confined in the hospital due to difficulty in breathing. Water was found in her lungs, and the doctors made a procedure to remove it.

Now the laboratory test results are out, hence the terrible and depressing news.

Here's the thing: neither my aunt nor any of the members of her immediate family know about it yet. My mom just learned about it from my close cousin who works at the hospital where my aunt was confined.

I started to question God. "What is Your purpose this time? Hindi sila mayaman, Lord God! Paano na sila? Of all the sickness in the world, bakit cancer pa?"

As the song implies, "so many questions but the answers are so few..." All I could do right now is pray. This is the time when strong faith is badly needed.


  1. indeed, this is a very sad story. juts hoping you al the best!

  2. hay...
    traydor ang cancer
    hindi naten malalaman kung
    tatamaan ka nya
    magpaparamdam na lang
    ito kapag malala na..
    my mom died because of cancer
    now lola ko naman ang
    may cancer ngayon..


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  3. @wanderingcommuter: Thanks Pards!

    @ferbert: I'm sorry to hear that. Sobrang nalulungkot ako badtrip! Neweiz, inadd ko na link ng new site mo, pero ni-retain ko yung dati. Sarap balikan eh! Naks! Fan! Hahaha! = P

  4. sorry to hear that, I just hope everything will go well.

    @ ferbert
    natawa naman ako sa 2nd comment mo, kaw talaga?! lol

  5. @coldman: Thanks! Kina-career ni Ferbert ang new site nya. Hahaha! = P

  6. Im sorry to hear that,,,same as your aunt..yung tita ko na tumulong saken sa pag aaral nagka breast cancer din...kainis yan minsan eh..bakit may sakit pa sa mundo...

  7. God sure has some sense of humor sometimes.

    And now that the depressing situation is already there, we should always do all the best that we can. All hope is not lost yet and we can still do a lot of things.

    I sincerely wish for your aunt's better health.

    I'm back to blogging after a couple of months of silence, and I'm using my old URL ( so I hope you'd find the time to check the link. It's nice to be back. :)

  8. does your tita smoke? just wondering. madami kasing nagkaka-lung cancer ang hindi naman smoker, kung sino pa yung umiiwas yun pa yung nagkakasakit.
    prayer is a powerful tool and there's always a reason for everything. hope she could make it.

  9. I'm sorry to hear that. Sometimes, I also want to ask God why. Kahit maliliit na bata nagkakaroon ng cancer. I don't understand. Everything happens for a reason, I know. Pero sobrang dami na ng naririnig ko na may cancer. It's like a plague or something.

  10. do you call Him - "Lord God?", if thats the case, we're calling Him with the same name.. :)

    la lang, sana gumaling tita mo.