Thursday, April 3, 2008

Favor: Short Prayer

Could I ask you a favor?

After you read this post, could you please say a short prayer for my aunt who has lung cancer? A short, simple prayer will do. That ain't hard, right?

Just this morning, my mom got so worried about her 'little sister'. Auntie Oneng was about to undergo her first chemotherapy session yesterday, but it didn't push through due to some complications. Water got into her lungs again.

The whole family is also having problems with all the expenses bein' incurred. Bills are gettin' higher and higher! Where in the world could a materially-poor family get all the money needed? Lord God, have mercy please. =_ C

I know that as compared to the sites of my fellow bloggers, I don't have that much readers. My blogsites don't have that much traffic. But if you'd start praying for her right after reading this, it'd already be a big help. If you could somehow ask your friends and your friends' friends to do the same, then much better.

For now, this is the best thing I could do for my aunt and her family. Prayer is a very powerful tool.

My friend, your prayer will be highly, highly appreciated. I'm thankin' you now in advance.

I still do believe in miracles.


  1. wow, this is so touching dude.

    the concern and love for a family member (and I've previously read your blog about you shedding a tear or two upon hearing the news) - it's just so touching; to think that most people at your status tend to forget/neglect their own blood.

    ...prayers for your aunt, and to everyone around her.

  2. @lethalverses: Thank you Man! I will forever be grateful.

  3. God will make a way Gdude. prayers for your aunt and her speedy recovery.

  4. with my symphaty and prayers...

  5. very few people show such amount of pathos, especially for a guy. :)

    Miracles come true because the people who are wishing for it never lose hope. Someone once told me to never underestimate the power of prayers, and when all things don't seem to work, just lift it up to the One who can and everything will be possible.

  6. my prayers are with your aunt and your family. i hope you get through this very diffcult situation. God Bless!

  7. mali si nora aunor kase ang totoo merong himala..

  8. Kaya nyo yan!!!

    Miracle comes when you least expect it... just believe she will be alright...

    don't lose hope cuz tomorrow's gonna be alright!