Saturday, April 5, 2008

Manila International Auto Show 2008

I'm not really into cars, but I made time to attend this year's Manila International Auto Show. Reason for this is because of the great opportunity it offers for enthusiasts like me to practice photography, aside from the fact that it's also for a good cause since the event will also benefit ABS-CBN Foundation.

Take a look at my sample shots, and enjoy! (Sorry I had to use my pop-up flash I was really having problems with blur):

Nice set of cars, huh? Not bad for the P50 entrance fee. Again, it's for a good cause. Hehehe! = P

The event's presently being held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. And you only have until Sunday to attend. So what are you waitin' for? Woot woot! = D


  1. ang gaganda ng mga babes na ito sir!

  2. hello! first time visitor.

    nice bumpers. he he

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  4. kung ganyan ba naman kaganda at kakasarap ang mga babae na pipiktyuran ko baka di na ko makakuha ng litrato.. derecho CR na ko para makapagself popoy.. hehehehe

    weeee! :P

  5. ewan ko ba, kalalaki kong tao pero hindi ako mahilig sa chiks...

    ay! kotse ba pinaguusapan dito..


  6. nampucha!! ang lupet!!!

    nakuha mo na numbers nila?? hehe..

  7. @Fishy: Yeah i know. Napansin mo din? Hehehe! = P

    @Bulitas: Astig talaga! Pumunta ka ba?

    @RJ: Thanks for visiting. Bumpers ng mga kotse? Nyahaha! = P

  8. @Ferbert: Pwede! Malaki at malinis ang CR sa World Trade. Nyahaha! = P

    @Kingdaddyrich: Bumpers ang pinag-uusapan dito. Hahaha! = P

    @Poli: I know. Who needs them? Hehehe! = D

    @Lethalverses: Pare, i still have to learn a lot of things from you. Hahaha! = P

  9. sama mo ko kapag next time! gusto ko tumingin ng cars! :D

  10. akalain mo, autoshow pala yun? akala ko fashion event. hehehehe. Dyuk!

    Are you sure you went there for the cars? :D

  11. @Chroneicon: Meron ulit sa Megamall! Sama ka? Hehehe! = D

    @Bob: Sama ka! Hehehe! = P

  12. ang cars na talaga ang pupuntahan dito? hahaha :D LOL!!