Thursday, October 2, 2008


It was my Dad's 3rd Angel-versary yesterday.

(I don't really like calling it Death Anniversary as it sounds rather depressing. Yup, there’s power in words.)

I was informed by my Mom that she had arranged a special prayer commemoration for him, and also a dinner for close relatives and friends last night. It actually has become a yearly practice for us. Not just a religious service for my Dad, but also a mini-reunion of sorts which I’d always look forward into.

But for this year, they did it without me.

Now I’m feeling the homesickness.


At first, I’d never thought that I’d be working outside the Philippines like my Dad. He had been working in the Middle East even before I was born, and would just go back for a vacation and spend time with Mom & I once in two to three years.

It’s not easy being a son of an OFW. I’ve had my share of not-so-good memories as a child, including seeing my Mom cry, learning about an affair, and spending Christmases without him (which is ONE of the reasons why I really don’t like Christmas.)

But now, here I am. Same as what my Dad used to be. Part of the so-called “Bagong Bayani”. Kinain ko lahat ng sinabi ko dati na kahit kailan, hinding-hindi ako magiging OFW.

Dad, wherever you are, I just hope that you’re proud of me for what I’ve accomplished so far.

And we really miss you.


  1. he is just there watching over you...


    masaya para sa yo...

    kaya pala emoness ka kahapon...

    kaya pala ganun na lang ang reaksyon mo sa pang gegelay ng "friend" mo ke Lady in Red Kamison...

    me reason naman ang bawat bagay na nangyayari sa buhay ng tao...

  2. malungkot talaga ang christmas ng isang OFW lalo na dito sa Suisse where christmas is nothing but an ordinary holiday.

    for sure your dad is happy watching over you with what you have now.

  3. si erpat din ofw. ay hindi pala, sofw. super overseas. ang panginoon kasi ang employer nya. at nagsimula uli ito nuong 5 taong gulang pala ako.

    hindi ko naekspiryens kung pano magkatatay. hehe.

    sigurado ako proud satin ang mga tatay natin kahit nasaan man sila. magkaanak ba naman sila ng gwapo. sos!! hahaha!

  4. im a daughter of an ofw too.. you know my story.. ehehe.. hush hush.. anyways..

    relax, nakaka homesick talaga yan.. but be thankful sa kung anong meron ka jan. may maayos kang work, may friends ka, may communication ka pa rin sa mga tao here. as one friend told me, it not that easy to be miles away, pero with tech nowadays e parang nag bakasyon ka lang sa probinsya.. lol..

    goodluck sa lahat.. try mo naman uwi ng pinas sa pasko!

  5. tatay ko rin ofw...

    teka, magpinsan nga kaya tayo? baka ang tatay mo at tatay ko ay iisa? hehehe.

    sa ganyan tumatama ang homesick, kapag may mga gatherings na dati lagi kang kasahog pero ngayon ay wala ka.

  6. proud sayo ang dad mo.

    kung ano ka ngayon at kung nasan ka ngayon.

  7. parang tinamaan ako dito bro, medyo nanggilid luha ko wah, parang naisip ko din mag blog ng ganitong tema. my dad used to work in middle east too.. KSA at nagbabakasyon lang din once every 2years... he's gone now just recently (a year ago).. i hate holidays too... i hate abroad..

    pero eto ako now. KSA din. 5kiloneters away from the exact place my dad used to work. nakakalungkot lang na isipin... huhuhu namiss ko erpat ko! waaa


  8. Angel-versary? hmmm... i like that! hope you don't mind if i start calling my dad's death anniv that way too..

    i was also a daughter of an OFW and i've also witnessed everything (and more) you've witnessed during those 12 years that my dad was in the middle east...

    so basically i never really experienced having a dad around 'cuz by the time he decided to stay home for good i was already a teenager and after 4 years he passed away...

    but life goes on and everything happens for a reason... twas his angel-versary 2 weeks ago and i miss him too...

    I may not personally know you but i'm pretty sure he loved you the best way he knows how and he's proud of you! =)