Monday, March 7, 2011


I met someone last week. She’s Australian of Chinese descent, and been working here in Singapore for four months now. She’s not happy about this country so far. She wants to go back to Australia.

According to her, she finds it impossible to break out of the world of excess drinking, shopping malls and fancy dining in this glittering city. It was fun during the first few months, but she started to wonder, “Is this all there is to life?” She’s had enough of that lifestyle that is so dependent on the flow of cash. She wants simplicity, and to have more authentic experiences in life.

I immediately connected with her because I can somehow relate to her sentiments (except for the drinking part lol). I already came to the point when I'm getting sick and tired of all the superficiality and materialism, of senseless bickering and complaining, of unappreciation and maliciousness in this world. Maybe it comes with age I dunno. (Picture greetings?) I’m actually thinking of eliminating those that are not anymore essential…

Anyways, I’ve hanged out with her a couple of times this week. The first time was last Thursday when I met her at Lucky Plaza. The second one was yesterday at Botanic Gardens where we, together with some newfound friends, were supposed to play Frisbee but decided to just sit on the grass and talk about stuff. And we had gyoza for dinner at Orchard!

Too bad she’s leaving by the end of this month. I hope that before she does, she'd have a better opinion of the Lion City.

L-R: Australian, Italian, American, Filipino, Singaporean


  1. sya na ba yung nasa left sa pic?

    siguro its more on the mind on how she will loom at life in singapore.

    at talagang kasama sir yung reminder sa pic greet :D ehehe

  2. I think, the best thing is to appreciate whatever we have. Sabi nila, it's always greener on your neighbor's garden. Hmm, something to that effect.

  3. nakanaman na ang mga kaibigan ni Gas! Idol Gas!!!!!

  4. Ang galing naman.. I love the pic. It's a race battle.. hahahahaha.. Nice story..

  5. astig ng friends mo international! :)

  6. hello, there.

    been here a couple of times already... you wrote this post well. i like what's left out, what's unsaid in the commentary. :c

    btw, i hope you'll see the girl one more time before she leaves, huh.

    "] doon po sa amin

  7. ibang klase friends mo gasul! ayos united nations kayo sa pic. LOL :D

  8. made me think of my own life too....