Thursday, August 25, 2011

How Come?

I’m no love expert.

I even suck at relationships (I think). Don’t wanna talk about it here in full detail, but based on track record, one might think & assume that I had been a terrible boyfriend, and that something’s wrong with me.

So who am I to give love advices?

A close friend of mine is currently having problems with his Singaporean girlfriend. I don’t wanna give details, but he’s been inviting me to meet up and asking me for advice. Same with my colleague who’s heart just recently got broken by her used-to-be boyfriend. She’s not really asking me directly for advice, but I think she’s already gotten comfortable pouring her heart out after all the pain that this guy has caused her.

I dunno, but I’m just seeing a pattern here. Even my friends in high school and college would usually go to me if they need some dose of comfort and advice. It’s not that I’m complaining, but…

How come I don’t usually follow my own?