Monday, November 14, 2011


  • I lost a total of 8 kilos in the span of a month. Yup! Ang dating ‘Obese 1’, ngayon ay ‘Overweight’ na lang. LOL! Friends have been asking me how I did it, but seriously, it’s all about lessening your food intake and eliminating those no-good eating habits (like those big bags of Cheetos, Doritos, Lay’s, etc.). Haha! It was tough at first, but you’d get the hang of it eventually. Wala pang exercise ‘yan! But to those who really know me and/or probably have been ardently reading this blog, you know that I’m not really dieting and there’s a totally different reason for this weight loss.

  • Speaking of exercise, one of my resolutions for next year is to start engaging in marathons. Yep! Same as in the Philippines, marathons are also a big craze here in Singapore. One of my churchmates has been encouraging me to start training for it. Tamad Busy lang ako lately sa work and other stuff, but I will definitely find time.

  • I just enrolled myself in a music school and will start having vocal lessons. This has been long overdue, and I think this is the perfect timing for this. You see, I’ve been a member of the Worship Team of our church for months now, and I’m a bit struggling because they put all guys in Tenor, and I’m not really a Tenor as my voice is too LOOOW to be a Tenor. I feel that I need some training and learn some of those ‘singing techniques’. C’MON!

  • I went back to being active again in couchsurfing. Last week I hosted this guy from Poland for a day. He was on his way to meet up with friends and explore Yogyakarta in Indonesia, but decided to visit Singapore first. It was instant camaraderie, and I served as his tour guide. We explored some tourist attractions like the Esplanade, Merlion, Marina Bay Sands, and Clarke Quay, and devoured on some local nomnoms like stingray and chili prawns. I had some pretty good conversations with him also, and hopefully I could visit Poland one day.

  • I’ve been really preoccupied with work, church activities, and other stuff lately that I don’t get to spend time anymore with some people I used to hang out a lot with. One is ‘The Eurasian’, so last week we decided to meet up and do some touristy stuff together. It was all fun! Later on we also met up with her cousin and all took the Hippo Tour Bus that roamed around Singapore.

  • Have you ever felt that you’re bound to do greater things? I’ve been feeling this lately, and it’s like I’m being called for something that never in my entire life I would think of doing. It started with a prophecy (YES! A PROPHECY!), and I’m still reflecting on it and praying for discernment. I will discuss about this more in the future.

  • Malapit na ang Christmas Party ng mga Pinoy Bloggers in Singapore! Woot! We've been planning it since that time I can't remember when. We already have a date and a venue, at marami pang kailangang asikasuhin like food, program, games, awards, etc. Hopefully maging successful, of course with the support of the other bloggers. So if you're a Pinoy blogger based here in Singapore, make your presence known! JOIN US!

  • I need your support! Join my contest! It’s quite easy, and you have a chance to win cool prizes. CLICK HERE. :)


  1. First of all, congrats sa weightloss mo!!! PAHINGE NAMAN NYAN!

    and with regards to your calling, I also feel the same way. I wanna blog about it nga e... I've been doin some soulsearching actually hahaha! Kung ano man yan, pagpatuloy mo lang a ! :) Goodluck sa future mo and God bless Gasul! :)

  2. huwaw... walang exercise pero nag-shed ka ng 8 kilos. wow.

    anhirap mag-NO sa mga junkfood, soda's, fraps. ahahaha.

    hope maging successful ang christmas partey nio. :D

    at...... susubukan ko simulan ang entry sa contest mo. nitatamad pa me.

  3. si khu ba yang kasama mo sa picture?

  4. Nakonsensya ako dahil kagabi lang lumafang ako ng isang malaking bag ng Piattos Roast Beef flavor. Nyay!

    I think I've heard you sing in one of your previous posts. Ayos, singing lessons. Gusto ko ren yan. Saka gusto ko ren matuto mag play ng iba't ibang musical instruments. I-add ko yan sa resolutions ko. Haha.

    Naalala ko ang TV Series na Heroes dyan sa you are bound to do greater things. Peter Petrelli!

    Hello GasDude!

  5. nakaka miss yung mga gantong random updates mo. It's so your signature post. But now it's a gasulinahan revamp 2.0 na.

    Gusto ko na rin pumayat. Pumayat nang lahat ako mataba parin. Aheychit!

  6. Umaapaw ang post na ito ng positivity.
    1. ang pagpapayat ay di madali kong tabain kang tao.Tudong disiplina at pagpipigil ang kailangan.Pero pag nasanay ka na ayos takes 21 days sabi ni Sharma to develop a new habit.Natawa ako sa obese 1 to overweight LOL.goodbye doritos and lays.
    2.Singing techniques.Wow.ibang level na yan pag meron ka pa niyan.
    3Couchsurfing parang gusto ko ring gawin yan.dahil gusto kong magikot.Give and take mode at yong instant camaraderie.
    4.Spirituality awakening yan ang the best.

    Maaliwalas ang daan papuntang gasolinahan.

  7. congrats for your achievement! at astig ang couch surfing ah

  8. Wow, congratz sa pag lose mo ng extra weight. Like you I've been struggling din sa part na to. Good thing, your entry inspired me to entertain my gym equipment at house. TAMAD kasi ako lately to do exercises. huhuhu...which had me at my worst weight.

    It excites me pare to read this new things in you. Just keep goin' and you'll definitely go more interesting places and awesome discoveries in your life.

    Be blessed!

  9. haha natawa ako sa intro w/c reminds me na kelangan ko na din mag-diet. lol congrats sa voice lessons! sana my sample vid dito na kumakanta ka. ;)

  10. wow! good for you! i have been trying to lose weight myself but i couldn't stay away from eating too much. but im still trying.

    it's nice that you're planning to join marathons. I'd like to get into sports as well, it will definitely help me out with my plan of losing weight.

    God bless you life bro! : )

  11. wow miracle ang tawag ko dyan sa pag weight loss nang walang ginagawa.. sana ganyan naalang kadali ang life :)

  12. Yehey di ka na Obese1, overweight na lang! Ako Obese pa rin! hehehe! Mukhang me makikita akong post about marathon dito next year!!! Woot Woot!

  13. langya, napunta ata sakin taba mo :( itsanfeyr!

    congrats pa din. la lang

  14. Random nga. Hahaha. Tagumpay ang fasting mo. Wow. Ang husay.

  15. Talaga! awesome, wish most chubs will be like you, walang pawisan, just plain. bawas agad.

  16. Well A, you should host me and then take me to do all the touristy stuff like you did with the Polish guy since my BKK trip is pretty much down the drain now :P

  17. namiss ko naman dito. tagal ko ring nawala eh anyway..congrats sa iyong weightloss so hapy for you kuya =D and God bless you with your calling whatever it is. God bless!

  18. ako daan para sabe, ako busy lang pero sure sasali sa gasoline dude blog writing contest.

    btw, congrats. hindi madaling magbawas ng 8kg sa isang buwan. at goodluck sa mga naka line up pang mga activities!

  19. nagbawas lang ako ng ganyan sa loob ng isang buwan din eh naong iniwanan ako ni eks Fafarazzi..ahahahaha

    btw haywey..kailan ang balak nyo na xmas parti kung saka sakali man na nasa palibot libot lang si ako..hihihihi