Monday, February 20, 2012

The Sweet Sound of your Voice

Hindi pa ata kita nakita o napansin nun. I was too busy minding on how to get through my own audition, but the moment I heard you sing, bigla akong napatigil at napalingon. I got mesmerized by your voice! Hinanap ko kung saan nanggagaling ang magandang tinig, at ikaw ang nakita ko. 

You’re pretty & cute, and I like the way you smile. You actually reminded me of a former colleague whom I was having a crush on (but that time she was in a relationship, so I didn’t pursue). You also look simple and seem fragile. No over-the-top personality, at mukhang walang arte sa katawan. JUST MY TYPE! Hahaha! 

Pero dahil nga likas akong torpe, even at my age, wala akong ginagawang ‘damoves’. I just like stealing some glances at you, and enjoying the conversations we would have. But as time passes by, lalo kitang nakikilala at lalo akong nagkakaroon ng interest. Now I’m even Facebook friends with your mom, at nakaka-chat ko pa once in a while.

So what’s the situation now? I just found out that: (1) a friend of mine likes you as well, and seems to be more ‘invested’ than I am in you, and (2) there’s apparently a third guy who goes to the same church, and reportedly is the ‘frontrunner’ in your heart; 

Am I bothered? Not really. 

Sabi nila, kapag may gusto ka daw na isang tao, dapat na itong ipinagdadasal. 

Right now, I only have this prayer: 

Lord God, may you provide me the time and opportunity that I need. I know I’m the last in the pack, but at this moment I just want to know her better (and vice versa) and establish that friendship between the both of us first. I know I’m already at ‘that’ age, but I pray that it won’t be a source of desperation for me as I know it will all be worth the wait. But if it’s not meant to be, give me a sign and may Your will be done. 


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