Monday, September 3, 2012

Remains of the Day

Be careful with what you wish for. Or like in my case, pray for.

We ask for a lot of things. A higher salary, a trophy girlfriend, a PR status in Singapore. Some are intended for others, but mostly for our own selves. Our supplication never stops. Come to think of it, there's really nothing bad about it. Jesus said, "Ask, and you shall receive." right?

I've been struggling these past few weeks about some stuff. They're too many to mention, so I've been praying to Him, "Lord, I want more encounters of You. I won't struggle like this if I already have more than enough of You."

Then last Friday, something happened.

Something very important was taken away from me.

It was all too sudden, so my initial reaction was that of a bit of shock. Then sadness, disappointment, and worry immediately followed.

But as I was reflecting over the weekend, I realized that God actually answered my prayer. This is THE 'encounter' I've been praying for.

It may not be what I had in mind, but who am I to question if what happened is really part of God's greater plan?


  1. Nice thoughts in the end!

    When something is taken away from you. God will always fill it, replace it with bigger and grander things really suited for you. Just completely obey to His will. It's normal to initially feel sad and disappointed, but once the wisdom from the situation is revealed to you, you'll be ok. Keep loving him, keep the passion for service to him burning. God bless you always Alex!

  2. We don't really need to understand God's will, most of the time we try to overthink why does God allow this and that. All we have to do is trust. Trust and know that God is in control and that he has greater plans for your future. Know your indentity in Christ Jesus. Stop struglling to understand his ways. Just Trust. I know you will be directed to the right path that God wanted you to be.

    This will be another great testimony in the making bro!

  3. i don't know what is that very important thing but as you said, only God knows. God's plans for us are far greater than what we can imagine.

  4. I hope you are alright kung anu man yan...minsan di natin naiintindihan agad agad ang mga reasons nya, be strong :-)

  5. I hope you're feeling better now. There must be something better for you.

  6. Mukhang very important nga yung nawala yun sa iyo. Sabi nga ng mga barkada ko times like this, just go with the flow. =)

  7. ano yung nawala sayo alex? virginity ba yan? di kailangan ikalungkot yun. LOL. jokelang naman.

    seryoso mode. wala daw kaseng permanente dito sa mundo. lahat nawawala. lahat hiram. ultimo tayo, mawawala din kalaunan. ang mahalaga lang naman, yung chance na kahit papaano, nung time na nasa atin pa yun, nagamit natin sya ng tama at wasto.

    rock on alex.

    teka, ano nga pala ulit yung nawala? taba ba yan? piz ulet.

  8. whatever it is, I still believe that it's God's way of saying never give up, you will still be blessed in His time.

  9. kung ano man yan pre, tama ka, may plano jan si God. Hindi mo man mafigure out pa, it will come. And believe me, it is for your good :)

  10. God has something for you, just have faith :))

  11. Amen to that dude. God works in mysterious ways.

  12. Good to know you haven't lost your positivity after an event that I can only imagine as negative. Ano ba yung nawala? hehe.