Monday, September 17, 2012

Snooze Button

Only a few knows about it.

It may be a big deal for some, but not big enough for me to shout it out to the whole world. I admit, it hits me at times, especially lately as I've been spending awesome times with good friends old and new. The thought of it kinda saddens me.

A friend of mine from church, who's relocating this week from Singapore to the Middle East for work, approached me yesterday, and said:

"Have I already shared with you my vision about you?"

"Huh? What vision?"

"While we were praying the other day with the whole music ministry, and then when I looked at you I felt that God was impressing upon me something..."


"He will use you greatly, Bro. I'm not sure how, but it's somehow related to your eloquence or your love for music. Either He will use you to become a worship leader or somewhat related to education, teaching..."

I was dumbfounded when I heard this. Eloquence? Teaching? This guy, though we're friends, I don't really share that much to him so that time he didn't really know about my current 'struggle'. Though what he said may sound creepy and too Madame Auring-ish, they made sense to me.

It's another confirmation of my calling.

It's also an encouragement that whatever happens in the next few weeks, I have nothing to worry about. I have nothing to fear as I am in good hands.

In God's hands.

So let's wait and see.


  1. religious thingy is not my thing pero i respect those people na malakas ang worship prowess.

    maybe time could tell kung kelan ipapaalam sayo ang iyong calling. who knows, malapit na.

  2. Your friend has a gift of prophecy, not a Madame-Auring-ish kind of thing.

    And yes, you are in God's hand and nothing will be wrong. By the way, please pray for me din Alex, I am experiencing difficult situation at work for months now. I'm saddened by it but I'm holding on to what God want from this experience. I am fully trusting His will.

    All the best for you bro!

  3. it's rare for people to find out that what they are supposed to do in life is in line with what they want. congrats in advance!

  4. sabi ng pastor namin noon. lahat tayo may calling kaya kung tinawag ka nya para maglingkod sa kanya dapat mo itong sundin. magtiwala sa kanya. dahil tulad nga ng lagi nilang sinasabi ang Diyos lang ang tunay na nakakaalam ng lahat ng mangyayari sa tin. =D

  5. Wow. Nakita niya si Lord sayo, I think that's true! I think that's your calling. Kahit sa twitter o blog lang I can really feel the anointing. God bless Kuya!

  6. kinikilabutan ako sa post n to. God works in mysterious ways.

    Godbless u bro.

  7. everyone has a great future ahead of them
    you are no exception
    embrace it

    yes, ako ito

  8. My pastor once told us, that when we are part of a Church family, somewhere along the road we will be called for a ministry, in which we will be able to serve.

    That chosen ministry will be in accordance to the gifts given to us. And we will know through our hearts that we are being called.

    Maybe it shall be your ministry, to be part of the church leaders, to teach, to guide and even counsel.

    God bless. May you find your ministry soon. :)