Thursday, February 7, 2013

This is NOT an "I-am-Engaged" Post

More and more people I know are getting ‘engaged’.

A former colleague and close friend’s boyfriend recently proposed to her in one of the islands in Maldives. Another close friend (and former wingman) got engaged also, and he bought a ‘perfect cut’ diamond engagement ring for his now-fiancée which costed him almost a quarter-of-a-million pesos.

Talk about extravagant and costly proposals!

Then there’s Jojo Lakwatsero

Should I get pressured? No lah! Probably my mom, relatives, and some friends are more pressured for me than I am, but the thing is…

I know I’m not getting any younger, but age is just a number, right?

And would I choose to spend my time with the wrong person, rather than wait for the perfect woman, the one being prepared by God for me?

I’d rather wait for His perfect timing.


A friend of mine once asked me,

“What do you really look for? Maybe you have very high standards?”

I thought at first I already knew what I want, but last year was so eventful that my so-called standards also changed.

Attraction still has to be there, of course, and she must be sensible and a great conversationalist. I’m removing the “low-maintenance” requirement (which I thought was the most non-negotiable on my list), because I realized that every relationship needs to be ‘highly maintained’ to flourish and last, but I’m also adding two more:

  • We must both share the same faith (aka she must also be a Christian).
  • She must also have the heart for missions, just in case God calls me to do missionary work full-time.

So no quarter-of-a-million worth engagement ring for her, whoever she is. 


  1. Ayun o. Love post! :)

    Papunta ako ng SG sa birthday ko. Any tips on what to do during my four day stay?

  2. "Heart for missions."

    Hmmm, interesting. Naku ser, mukhang hindi na "just in case" yan. Kasama na yan sa ipagpepray ko sayo :)

  3. Ang pagibig ay parang waiting shed, kasi pag-nandun ka... di kailangan magmadali, dahil alam mo ng may parating. :)

    Napost ko na yan sa chwirrer at sa FB... pero mukang swak to sa kaganapan sa iyo. Padating din yan... wag ka na mapressure sir gasul.

    At congrats kay sir jojo. :D

  4. Ah, pressure.

    If it helps, you should know that you're not alone. I too, experience this type of pressure (pressure to court a girl and aim for marriage), specially since my father's not around anymore, my mom's a senior citizen already, and I'm an only child. :) It doesn't help that a lot of my classmates from elementary and high school are already married / living together with kids.

    Never had a girlfriend since birth, 'cause I am aiming for my first to be the one I would marry and be with for life. My friends also say that I have high standards, but I just look at it as knowing yourself and realistically knowing who/what you deserve.

    I love your standards, by the way: a great conversationalist and doing away with "low-maintenance". :) I also agree, JUST WAIT. The right thing at the wrong time results in something you will not be proud of.

    Thanks for the post. Cheers! :D

  5. In God's perfect time, He'll give you the woman fit for you. Just wait with a loving longing. And Yes, she should share the same faith with you. :}

  6. question lang po bossing: paano kung ung ibibigay ng God sa iyo ay hindi Christian? naisip ko lang bigla. :D

  7. Waah a quarter million diamond ring? Awesome but super extravagant i must say haha your friend's fiancee must be a real great woman.

  8. hi there kuya gasul! i just want to say hi to you! super advanced happy birthday! hehe!


  9. napangiti ako dun sa a heart for the mission :)

    the world needs you bro.

    God is busy making the best love story for you . sigurado yun.

  10. P.S. nabasa mo na yung book ni joshua Harris " A Kissed DAting Goodbye." ok siya .

    single blessedness.. relate na relate ako eh. hehe

  11. may disclaimer talaga sa huli - So no quarter-of-a-million worth engagement ring for her...magaling!! hehehehe

    well kidding aside, we share sentiments kasi parang nasa fun run lang din yung mga ka batch ko paunahan sa kung sino ang ikakasal at paramihan ng lahi (if you know what I mean..hehe)ako chill lang! dadating din naman siguro tayo dyan eh, kung hindi eh hindi..good things come to those who wait ika nga nila..

    at ang haba ng comment ko...hello ser gasul! ^___________^

  12. at bakit @tabian may we share sentiments ka diyan????ano ang ibig mong sabihin? niyahahhaa...

    sos...enjoy lang GD!if darating then good, if not, good parin. atleast maintain mo ang pagiging center of affection ng

  13. We always set standards pero I guess pag dumating yung perfect girl mo in God's perfect time, hindi ka na rin chu-choosy pa, haha! Ang gastos ng engagement ring na worth quarter of a million, pang down na ng bahay yun ah, haha, umandar na naman pagiging kuripot ko..

  14. makikisabat lang po...I believe that papa God has a perfect time for everything. anyway, I'm impressed kc hindi lahat ng lalaki e ganyan ang standards na hinahanap sa isang babae and usually sa mga bro's lang namin naririnig ung ganyang standards not with the ordinary man makikilala mo lang sa somewhere. BTW are you an SFC?

  15. konting hintay lang and prayers for sure the right one will come :-)

  16. No pressure, I dare say. Age is just a number, oo nga.

    Maganda siyempre na du'n na sa nakakasigurado. "A love to last a lifetime."

    Ang requirements ko naman e, "marunong magmahal ng tunay na lalake."

  17. Someone told me, when finding a partner, you should find someone who share the same values. I think that holds true. Dapat pareho anf pundasyon. Go find yourself a practicing Christian girl. Hehehe.

  18. ayun oh....hmmm...she'll come...baka natraffic

    makiepal lang..

    same faith - check!

    lol :p

  19. we can find countless reasons why we are all still uncommitted and when we grow tired of thinking, we end up and pray, coz we know that that partner will arrive in "God's Perfect Time"

  20. somehow there's always pressure in our environment lalo na when ur off age ganyan ewan ko ba bakit hahaha eh nag eevolve na kaya ang mundo now, hindi na yong after college eh pagaasawa agad ang nasa isip ng tao but career bago ang pagaasawa lol

    well, love will come in the right time in the most unexpected place, u just have to believe in that. sometimes its all worth the wait. =)

    and nga pala din, it doesnt mean that sa mahal ng ring na yon ganon ang sukatan ng pagmamahal nia, siguro ang dami lang niyang extra na pera kaya ganon hahaha at hindi rin sukatan talaga ang quarter million na yan sa success ng pagsasama, whats important is ul have ur partner, bestfriend, wife and lover to keep for lifetime.

  21. Similar requirements here too so let's just hope for the best to come!

  22. Kapatid, February pa ang huling post. Mukhang nag-asawa ka na ata at nabusy. Haha. Just dropping by. :)