Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cholesterol-free Thoughts

  • Since I paid for the renewal of this blog's domain name, it's just right to make use of it, correct or not? Seriously I need to go back to blogging, but why does it feel like I don't know how to write properly anymore, hence the bulleted style?
  • As I write this, I'm still in the office. Work's been good so far. One year and counting. 
  • Our general manager just resigned. His wife, who's also working for the company, also submitted her resignation letter a few days after. My boss' PA is planning to resign also. And they've been telling me how I'm "spoiling the market" (???).
  • I'm the only Filipino in my company, and the only non-Chinese. I don't want to think that it's a nationality or cultural thing, but the truth is, I've experienced worse before. I guess for the past years, I've been trained to persevere more, be more mature, and deal with difficult people in the workplace more effectively.
  • Having faith in God helps! There are things in life that we cannot control, and we all need to learn to accept that. God is the only One who's in control of everything!
  • As of this writing, as long as my boss still wants me, I'm staying.
  • My trip to Cambodia next week is something I'm really looking forward to. It will be my second time to go there, and since then, I've made a pledge that I will be visiting the country every year. I just love the place and the people!
  • Which reminds me, I need to plan and schedule my trip to Manila soon. LOL
  • Have you ever experienced having someone who has attachment issues with you? Tell me about it.


  1. hello.. ive ran into your blog before and yeah, this was the first updated post since then. and it's wonderful that a lot of bloggers in hiatus are getting back from the grave...hahaha.. kidding aside, pinoys are very much resilient in everything.. and wow to the cambodia trip. im saving up to visit that country too.

  2. Meron akong kilala na may attachment issue. Yung isa, sa inis ko, nagcut ako ng relasyon. Pangit yung response ko doon. Yung isa naman, hinayaan ko lang na clingy. Basta inunti unti ko na makaexplore siya ng mga bagong kaibigan bukod sa akin at marediscover ang saya ng paghang out sa mga dati niyang kaclose. Ayon. Mas okay naman.

    Welcome back ser gas! Sulat ka rin ng sulat. Namiss ko ang blog mo. Seryoso. Para kang online discipler. Ganyan. Encouragement ka sa akin.

  3. Trip to Manila tapos puntang kahit saan! Sarap! Welcome back, sir! Ingat lagi diyan!

  4. So happy you're back! Hope you'll be back to blogging regularly. Please??? :)

  5. welcome back to the blogsphere!!!!

  6. hahaha you're getting old! seryoso na? pakiexplain.. joke :D

  7. naks naman, cambodialicious vacay ang pagpunta mo sa cambods!

    di ko gets much yung attachment issues thingy,,,, baka kasi ako yung clingy at attached sa same groups na nabuildan ko na ng comfort ganyan... hhahah.

    kelan ka magbabakasyones sa manila? sana sa pasko para kasama mo fam mo :D si sir jepoy din ata ay uuwi ng manila sa kapaskuhans

    welcsbak sa blogging

  8. Attachment issues. I have a lot. Sabi nga nila e what's hard is detaching from someone. Lalo na if you're the type of person that doesn't attach too easily. *once you're hooked, you're crooked forever*

  9. Dyan ka magaling. Sa mga attachment-attachment kembyular! ahahhaha

  10. lol sa koment moh sa blog koh... napadaan lang akoh sa blog koh nd I saw ur koment... ehh even u not really so active in blogging eh... anyhoo... ur going to Cambodia??? wait ur still in Singapore bah?... yeah interview toh... lol... nd ehh pag nag-update akoh don emo lang lol.... nice to hear from u kuya dude... nd nakakatuwa kc meron pa ren akong mga ka-blogs noon na still blogging pa ren... aight... have a safe trip sau...Godbless! =D

  11. Walang bang like button dito? LIKE LIKE LIKE na lang

  12. 2013 has been my leanest blogging season where I could only muster less than 40 posts for the entire year. gotta diversify in 2014 :)