Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What Made This Holiday Different?

I'm inside the plane as I write this, on my way back to Singapore after a little-over-a-week long holiday in the Philippines. Emotions are mixed, and several thoughts have been running inside my head, hence the urge to blog about them. There are some feelings of sadness as once again I had to leave my Mumski Wumski behind; feelings of happiness for the wonderful experiences and memories; feelings of regret for not meeting up with as much people as I would have wanted; and feelings of excitement for what lies ahead after all those confirmations, revelations, and answered prayers during my brief stay in my home country. (God is always awesome!)

But what really made this holiday different, as compared with my previous ones?

1. It was longer. 

On an average, I would only have around 4-5 days to spend back home. This time I had 8 days. Previously I wouldn't dare take longer holidays as I'd be fearful that I wouldn't have my work anymore when I get back. I would always feel that I'm dispensable and my bosses could easily kick me out. Yeah, it was tougher during my first few years; it's still tough at present, but I guess I can say that I have a greater sense of security now?

2. We traveled outside Manila. 

Thank God for friends who have cars! We went to Tagaytay and Baguio, as compared to my previous trips when my holidays we're only spent within the outskirts of the capital city.

3. I spent more quality time with my Mumski Wumski. 

It's been really a while since my last holiday in the Philippines (last was more than 2 years ago?). Sometimes I'd prefer my Mumski Wumski to fly over to Singapore and visit me rather than the other way around as it's cheaper and there's way lesser chance to bump into any of my godchildren. But since my Mumski Wumski just turned 70 this year, I came to a realization and said to myself that yeah, definitely she deserves more.

She was with me during my out-of-town trips to Tagaytay and Baguio, alongside my friends.

4. It was my first holiday trip to the Philippines together with my close friends from church. 

Have I told you before how much I love my church? From there I met some of the most wonderful people I know now who eventually I became friends with. Well, I planned this trip with some of them which is cool, but too bad not all plans were actualized and not everyone who were intending to join made it. (There's always next time!)

5. I was more inspired (and still is!).

'Nuff said. I will not further elaborate on this 'inspired' part for now, as I want to finish this post before the plane lands which is about *checks time* an hour and a half from now.

Yes! I still have time to take a nap!

Later guys! :)


  1. Great to hear that you've had a whole new vibe with your vacation in Pinas, the most that I had appreciated was your bonding with your mom. Nothing can beat that.

    Welcome back, at least you're back and I hope for good :)

  2. Natutuwa naman ako kahit saglit lamang ang pagpunta mo sa Pinas ay nasulit mo talaga, biruin mo yun nakapag Baguio at tagaytay ka pa! Syempre higit sa lahat nakasama mo ang pamilya mo!

  3. one week i think is good enough na rin. at least you spent time sa mga mahal mo sa buhay ;)

  4. tama... there's always a "next time' :) glad to hear you had a great time here, Alex.

  5. Ako na nahohomesick sa pagbasa neto. Great to know OFW's having a great time with important people on their lives. and yes, we need to practice the ninjaskills from the godchildren. haha