Wednesday, March 26, 2014

In The Limelight

I just celebrated my (gulp!) 33rd birthday yesterday, and good thing it wasn’t as depressing as I thought it would be as I didn’t really plan any celebration at all. I wanted to at first, similar to last year’s, but after some introspecting, I told myself I’d rather save up for the coming ‘rainy day’. 

My day started with a surprise, as my ‘auntie’ colleague from the 7th floor handed me a slice of chocolate cake from Coffee Bean, then gave me a hug. I was so touched! She’s a known terror to some, but I dunno, she’s always been really nice to me.

Then I also got a cheesecake specially delivered to my office by the sendee’s brother. That was really surprising as I was just having a chat with the sendee the previous day, and she was asking me what my birthday wishes are. The thing is, I wasn’t expecting her to give anything as she’s based in Australia, so after giving her some non-tangible clichés, I answered, “CHEESECAKE!” 

I also got a cross keychain from a female colleague, who’s a fellow believer, and some TWG macaroons from our new hire, a Taiwanese lady. My boss’ PA was asking why I’ve been receiving so many birthday presents. Then I answered, 

“Maybe I’m that nice?” 

What I got from her on my birthday was a raised eyebrow and a frown.


  1. Happy Birthday once again!

    Perhaps, the Gasoline Dude is just a lovable due reasons why a number of people are being endeared by your mere presence. Lols!

  2. belated happy birthday gasdude! God bless you :)

  3. Belated happy birthday, Gasolinedude! :-)

  4. wahahaha! ayos ang boss mo! lol!

  5. Happy Bday again Gasul dude! Hope you will have more blogging time and more blogposts to come! Enjoy and have fun! =)

  6. Happy Birthday!!! Following your logic, wala kong narereceive na gifts pag birthday ko so confirmation nga yun I'm not nice lol.

    1. HAHAHAH!!! glen di ka nice kasi naughty ka, naughty!! :p

  7. hahahahahah, natwa lang ako, basag trip si ate! INSEKURADA SA BIRTHDAY PRESENTS MO? hahahahahaha,

    wala din akong natatanggap na mga surprises pag birthday ko kaya nakakaibnis tong post mo, mga realizations na minsan sa mundo hindi ako nice! hahahaha. Joke lang!