The Gasoline Dude’s 

Blogversary Writing Contest

Contest Duration
  • October 18 to December 31, 2011

Contest Mechanics

  • 1TB Western Digital Portable Hard Drive
  • 16GB USB Flash Memory Drive
  • 8GB USB Flash Memory Drive
  • Singapore shirts

  2. KRITIKONG KIKO : "Ang Gasolina ng Buhay"
  3. JEPOY DEE : "Buhay at Gasolina: An Autobiography"
  4. KUYABOB : "Running On Empty"
  5. PB DELAPAZ : "L.P.G.H."
  6. IYA_KHIN : "Alab"
  7. LYZIUS : "Dun Sa Bagong Gasulinahan"
  8. AHMER : "Torn"
  9. JOMAR SADIE : "The Rider"
  10. AYIE : "Air That I Breath"
  11. GILLBOARD : "Sa Aming Gasolinahan"
  12. EDGAR PORTALAN : "May Gasolina Dito"
  13. DIWANG BUGHAW : "Tatlumpo't Isang Kilometro"
  14. BINO : "Katas"
  15. LHAN : "Pasada"
  16. CHINGOY : "On Crying"
  17. OLIVER : "Para Kanino ka Gumigising?"
  18. MANIKREIGUN : "Hithit-Buga"
  19. LEAH : "Gasolina!"
  20. ORANGE : "Para Kang Gasolina!"
  21. KIKOMAXXX : "Gasulinang Pinaglihi sa Kabuti"
  22. GOYO : "Graduation Day"
  23. AKONI : "Sa Isang Gasolinahan..."
  24. PALAKANTON : "Nang ang Langit ay Humalik sa Lupa"
  25. KAMILA : "The Smell of a Memory"
  26. ZHURUTANG : "Pare-parehas Lang Tayong Salot sa Lipunan"
  27. MCRICH : "Batibot"
  28. IAN ALBERT : "Ang Pinakamasaklap na Mangyayari"
  29. SHIRGIE : "Similarities Between Harry Potter, Superman and Peter Pan"
  30. DETEKTIB GAPO : "Itim na Ginto"
  31. ARVIN : "Pag-ibig Mula Sa Gasolinahan"
  32. VIVIE : "Dear Gasolina"
  33. BULAKBOL : "Bantay"
  34. MALDITO : "Para kay G"
  35. JUYJUY : "A summer that was. 2005."
  36. MARIA FRANCO : "If music be the food of love, play on."
  37. MARKGELO : "You'r the Best, I Love You"
  38. MD : "Ang Pagtaas ni GASOLINA"
  39. JOEY VELUNTA : "Hinigugma: Gahapon, Karon Og Ugma"
  40. IAMABHIE : "Oh My Gas! Ikaw Na :)"
  41. SALBEHE : "Dapat Malaman Bago Mag-2012"
  42. TABIANMUCH : "Wakas"
  43. LIMARX214 : "Pi7ong Bilyon"
  44. RAH : "Gasolina"
  45. CHAD : "Shadow Hates Light"
  46. KHANTO : "Sa Dating Lugar"
  47. GLENTOT : "Gasoline"
  48. SIMPLENG INHINYERO : "Gasolina ng Buhay"
  49. MICHAEL : "Gasoline, Gasoline"
  50. KUMAGCOW : "Hell Hath Don't Do Me!"
  51. KATHY NGO : "My Blog is my Gasoline..."
  52. COMMUTER : "A Long Wait"
  53. L : "Full Tank Na Niyo!"
  54. STONE-COLD ANGEL : "Fuel"
  55. SWEXIE : "Goodbye"
  56. MARCO PAOLO : "Villa de Candida"
  57. YEN : "Gasolinang Maituturing"
  58. RENCE : "Kalayaan sa Pagba-Blog"
  59. OTEP : "Sa Bagong Tagpuan"
  60. DUKING : "Patak"
  62. JECK : "Astiging Gasoline Boy"
  63. AAJAO : "Buhay sa Persworld (Ikalawang Bahagi)"
  64. THE SCUD : "My Travels of 2011"
  65. TARIBONG : "gasolina: alab sa lamig ng kapaskuhan"
List of Winners:

10th – 6th Place
(Prize: Surprise! TBA.)

"The story's twist is a bit expected. The ability to write a fiction while maintaining the normal kanto-life is appreciated. The author could have tried something new though, not sticking to the expected tragedy (yes, one can see it coming while reading the first half of the article)."

"Great rhythm, flow and tone from beginning to end. The last paragraph stings the most where the paradigm all but fades into merely a dream. However, this failed to capture relevance to the theme, the story (like most entries) can be created on a different setting - somewhere else other than a gas station."

"If I haven't read Mariano's almost similar (but better) english post about seasons compared to his multitude of exes, I'll say this one's fresh. It failed on relevance big time though - but still a great read."

“Genius storytelling. He could have ranked higher given the immense talent showcased from start to end of the article but it lacks sufficient relevance to the theme though.”
“Lengthy but you'll be thrilled to know the ending. The author showed two scenario of real life… the one who face his problem and the one who escapes it. Protagonist is an example of a true powered individual who has the driving force to improve his life despite of misfortunes.”

"This gives me chill. Reminds me of my former writing coach's style. The subtle development and use of an easily distinguishable pattern creates the drama needed to deliver the final push towards reality. It still lacks valuable relevance to the theme though."

5th Place
(Prize: Singapore Shirt)

“Talented author. No metaphors: just plain, old simple personification of fuel and flame but enough to deliver the punch. Brilliant, though the impact may be too fleeting to be considered worthy of emerging as the grand winner.”

4th Place
(Prize: Singapore Shirt)

“The bombardment of thoughts makes the article boring. The talent is still displayed though, but the author is better off perfecting consistency instead of experimenting with, as I've said, ‘bombardment’.”
“The only person who can narrate the true essence of gasoline is the one who has the first hand experience of it. Literally and figuratively, this entry nailed it. And its fascinating how the author turned a negative title to a bright, hopeful and insightful story. Though this could have been a perfect entry if only pictures are toned similar to its black title.”

3rd Place
(Prize: 8GB USB Flash Memory Drive + Singapore Shirt)

“This belongs among the top of the list! The brilliant execution of the narrative, coupled with the well-placed use of pauses between each flow of the storyline captured the purpose and central theme of the story. Very very well written.”
“Powerful emphasis on the theme. Though reminds me of Parokya's 'Buloy' song.”

2nd Place
(Prize: 16GB USB Flash Memory Drive + Singapore Shirt)

“I feel like watching a documentary when I read this entry. I find this entry quite informative with well researched characters. I've never heard of that term before and it captured my interest to crave for more. Honest and truthful narration of poverty and how a person cross borders to alleviate life and be able to survive ‘the needs’ even if principle is at stake. Truly awakening. This could pass as an indie film story.”
“This author nailed it. This is one article which creates stunning images of a ‘dorobong gas driver’ against the backdrop of reality. No metaphors needed: pure, genuine relevance to the theme. It requires no intelligently chosen words - the simplicity of how it was written more than defines its own brilliance. Finally, I love how the author ended the serious post - using an alleged text message request to ‘introduce’ his contest entry.”

1st Place
(Prize: 1TB Portable Hard Drive + Singapore Shirt)

"Good poem. The article's use of metaphors, albeit common and too cliché, is well used as the paragraph progresses."
"Effective use of symbolism on how the character face ageing and how much knowledge and experience he disclose as he welcomes maturity."